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X hell!!

Please give this newbie some advice.
  I have configured X to the point where I get an Enlightenment window
  one open terminal window that gives me access to the command line. 
  But I can't use any functions. When I try to open Eterm, Electric Eyes,
  etc., I get messages saying they are not included in the /bin/bash path. I
  check echo $PATH naturally, but I don't understand what path the
  stuff should go into. 
  Also, when I try to go into GNOME, following instructions from the OReilly
  Debian book, I am told much of the stuff, gmc, panel, etc., don't exist. I
  apt-get update or install or install --fix-missing with no luck or else to
  receive messages that "404 isn't found."
  Any ideas? Thanks in advance. STeve W

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