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Re: Diskless from NFS --1) nfsd (rmtab); 2) /dev

>>>>> "Olexiy" == Olexiy Ye Tykhomyrov <tiger@ff.dsu.dp.ua> writes:

    Olexiy> I think anyway the solution I suggested -- to re-write
    Olexiy> nfsd to check the same mount point first was correct,
    Olexiy> because tcp standard may to use time-out. Only one
    Olexiy> problem, nfs uses udp :(.

    Olexiy> Unmounting is not a big problem but keeping up-to-time
    Olexiy> /etc/rmtab is, otherwise nfsd thinks there are lots of
    Olexiy> open files.

What is /etc/rmtab? On my slink computer, it is a mile long...

I thought /etc/mtab was used here, not /etc/rmtab.

However, I think if nfsd thinks there are open files, then there
really are open files. You can't just unmount / on a Unix system, even
on shutdown. Normally, it is remounted readonly.

    Olexiy> BTW, did you try diskless with Linux 2.2.12? How did you
    Olexiy> make swap via NFS?

I don't think swap via NFS is a good idea. swap space needs to be

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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