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Diskless from NFS --1) nfsd (rmtab); 2) /dev

Dear friends,

We have got a few diskless machines so installed Linux on them, importing
whole system by NFS. Everything works fine (for a long while), but
some problems occurred and are still annoying.

1. While shutdown, unmount writes: "device is busy", so nfsd on the server
   does not rid off the corresponding enters from /etc/rmtab that is not
   good in common; 

2. While working, tty* devices keep the same date, (in fact the date of
   creation /dev/tty*), thus commands like "w", autologd, etc are not able
   to calculate idle time correctly. Of course "touch" these devices work
   just fine. I had tried to create /dev in boot time, but that did not
   help much.

Possible solution the first problem I see, is to check /etc/rmtab BEFORE
writing the same lines. This way assumes to change programme "nfsd". 

I still see no simple way of solving the second problem.

Does somebody know how to set these correctly? 
I found nothing in corresponding HOWTOs.

        Olexiy Ye Tykhomyrov   \  please email tiger@ff.dsu.dp.ua        |
                                \ ==PGP key available on request==       |

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