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problems with ppp (think it's the modem)

dear debbie's,

since yesterday i have problems setting up my internet-connection.
did with pppconfig, did everything as written in my book, but it didnt work at
now today i saw when i do tail -f /var/log/messages:
: abort on (VOICE)
: abort on (NO DIALTONE)
: abort on (NO ANSWER)
: send (ATZ^M)
: expect (OK)
: ^M
:  -- failed
: Failed (NO CARRIER)
: Exit

this seemed to me that the modem is not working, but on the other machine (this
one where i am writing this) which runs redhat it works fine (at least if u can
read this mail:-)
so i looked around in the howto's but didnt find anything useful specific about
modem-problems. even not by searching on altavista.com (where many debian items
are listed)
my question is if someone would know any solution for this.

oh yes, since my casema.net account has some mailproblems till late in the
night, i would appreciate if u would reply to this antenna.nl address.

thanx in advance


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