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Re: Upgrading pcmcia-* breaks ppp

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher S Swingley <cswingle@iarc.uaf.edu> writes:

    >> A big guess, but are you guys sure you have no interrupt or
    >> similar conflicts? I have a problem with Xircom modem which
    >> sounds similar to the ones described in pcmcia-howto in
    >> relation to the interrupt conflict even though my
    >> /proc/interrupt doesn't show one.

I would have hoped PCMCIA would assign the pcmcia card an unused

Right now my computer is rebooting, so I can't double check, but
here is what I observed (IIRC):

/dev/ttyS2 uses IRQ 3

/dev/ttyS1 uses IRQ 3, too. Nothing is connected to this port, in
fact, I don't think it even exists???? According to the bios startup,
only one COM port exists, which I though would be /dev/ttyS0.

setserial /dev/ttyS1 with the modem card installed completely locks up
the computer.

Starting up the computer, shutting down, exiting suspend mode with the
card it lock up my computer.

So, I suspect the problem might be some sought of conflict between
setserial and PCMCIA, perhaps even an interrupt conflict, even though
setserial knows that /dev/ttyS2 is PCMCIA controlled. 

It is documented in /usr/doc/setserial/pcmcia.repair problems
where setserial can take over PCMCIA controlled serial ports,
however, I don't think that is the case here (I get a message
on startup that the serial port is PCMCIA controlled).

LATER: I removed setserial, but my computer still locks up :-(, in
fact, now lock ups are much more frequent (ie everytime I insert the
card).  One good thing though, once I managed to load minicom and have
the modem reply to the ATZ command with OK, before the computer
crashed ;-)

    Christopher> What did you change the irq to, and how?  I tried to
    Christopher> do this by excluding IRQ's in the PCMCIA config.opts
    Christopher> file but each time it still failed, until finally
    Christopher> there were no IRQ's left and the serial module
    Christopher> wouldn't load.

How do you exclude IRQs in config.opts? Where did you see this

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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