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Re: New drive ready to partition. Just what some recommendations and suggestions.

> I recently got a new 13G hard drive. I've installed it as hdb, and moved my
> CD-RW to hdc. At the moment I've got a 6G drive with 2G for WindowsNT, 100M for
> /, 1G for /home and 2G for /usr. I really need more room for both /home AND
> /usr, but I also need more space for /var and /opt and some others. I would like
> to make several partitions and use them to my best use, I just wanted to get
> some recommendations from the Expert/Experienced before I partitioned this
> drive. I also would like to have a few partitions set aside for CD images as I
> hope to start selling Software on CD as well.

I don't know if you're willing to reinstall completely or just want to add
the space, if you're willing to reinstall I would:

	1) Your current hd 4 GB on /
	2) New hd 5 GB on /home
	3) New hd 8 GB on /usr

That way you'll have more on /home, /usr, /var and /opt (both /var and
/opt will be on /).

If you don't want to reinstall you could set a 5 GB on /home and remount
your current /home to /var or /opt (whatever you prefer). That way you'll
have more on /home and on /var or /opt. Then you create the 8 GB, mount it
somewhere, cp the /usr to that partition, following you mount your current
/usr to /var or /opt (just the one you hadn't used) and mount that new
partition to /usr. (It'll probably need a reboot because you can't umount
your /usr (maybe you can after a init 1 (runlevel 1 single user), I've
never tried).


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