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Re: unexpected end of file

On 16/1/2000 ulla.russell@pp.inet.fi wrote:

I do not have mc installed. I used the -x switch on the f
ile ("od -x .profile", this also allows files to be viewed
in hex).

I didn't see anything suspicious. Does anyone have any
other ideas?

If I was to install midnight commander what instruction
would I have to give to view files in hex?

The problem is worse than I at first realised, since this
files contains $PATH for root and it's not being loaded. I
suppose there are ways around this problem, but it would
be nice to find out why the problem arose in the first
place or at least how to fix it.

Its probably not as complicated as you are making it, more likely there is just a stray " or something

if there are any if then structures make sure they are terminated with a fi, all { have a matching } and so on.

all it takes is one stray " ' or ` to cause that, bash keeps looking for the closing quote, or the fi or whatever and if it gets to the end of file it complains.


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