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Re: cron reports re: suidregister

*- On  7 Jan, Mark Wagnon wrote about "cron reports re: suidregister"
> Hi all-
> I keep getting the following report:
>   /etc/cron.daily/suidmanager:
>   suidregister: /usr/lib/emacs/20.3/i386-debian-linux-gnu/movemail registered but not installed
> I took a look at the man page for suidregister. Since I can't find
> movemail anywhere on my system (let alone in the expected location)
> I decided to edit the /etc/suid.conf file and comment the line
> referencing movemail. I made a note to remind me of this change¸ but
> I was just wondering if anyone knew if this could have some effect
> later on. I don't use emacs for mail, so I'm not too worried.

If you have emacs20 installed and movemail is not there then something
is wrong.  Movemail is included in the emacs20 package and should be
there, even if you don't use it.  If you have removed emacs20 from your
system and it left the line in your suid.conf file then that is a bug in
the emacs20 package.   The proper way to remove the line is to use the
suidunregister program.  Commenting the line out shouldn't cause
problems unless you have emacs20 installed and you your system by
putting movemail back in place.  Then the mode of the file will not be
checked for possible root exploits via the permisions.

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