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Re: powstatd problem

Mary Honeycutt wrote:

>   I purchased a CyberPower 500SL and since they recommend
> powstatd on their web site, I installed it.  The problem
> is powstatd will not recognize that the UPS is connected
> to ttyS1.  powstatd -t reports low power and shuts the
> computer down.  

`powstatd -t` (test mode) should _not_ shut down the computer
even if it thinks power is low.  I gather you are sure it's not
running in plain daemon mode?

There's only 8 days or so before the freeze, so if the package
has a bug I'd like to fix it now.

Is the UPS fully charged?  Setting-up the /etc/powstatd.conf will
be tricky if you can't get ever the OK signal (instead of LOW).
>                 If I change back to the default ttyS0
> the test reports OK.  I took the case off and changed the
> 9-pin conector to COM2 on the motherboard and win95 says
> its on COM2, so I'm sure ttyS1 is correct.  Does anyone
> using this model have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

What is the ouput of `powstatd -t` ?
Have you tried new /etc/powstatd.conf settings?

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