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Re: PPP, CDROM, and Floppy Questions

On Wed, Jan 05, 2000 at 12:22:26PM -0800, AU,SCOTT CHUONG wrote:
> I've finally managed to install Debian 2.1 from floppy disks using images
> downloaded from the Debian Website.  Being a newbie to Linux, I have some
> problems I cannot seem to resolve.  I've gone through the any help files I
> could find as well as Debian mail Archives to no avail.  Here's
> the list (forgive the lengthiness):
> 1. PPP
> After running pppconfig to setup a connection to my ISP, I noticed I can
> initiate the modem to dial but consequently it simply hangs up. I went to
> my 2nd virtual console and issued: cat /dev/ttyS2 (my modem) to see what
> input was being obtained and noticed the modem hangs up right around the
> time the opening page of the ISP is being brought up (I see the "Welcome
> to" then the modem disconnects). Is this because the chat script has some
> form of timeout (ie: if the next expected line: sername, is not received,
> does the modem hangup)? On the ppp.log, I see the modem remark: alarm,
> then remark: fail. 

It would greatly help if you'd post a log of the entire connection

Yes, the chat script will timeout after a certain amount of time (45
seconds, or whatever is set with the TIMEOUT directive). If your ISP
prompts with something that doesn't end in "sername", or if you have to
send something before it will prompt, then you have to edit your
chatscript to reflect this.

> 2. CDROM
> I've gotten a hold of an old 2X CDROM and a Sound Blaster 16 board. The
> CDROM connects through the SB so I chose the SB Pro option in the modconf
> program to install the CD. I see the CD drive being accessed (the led
> lights up) and modconfig states the installation was successful.
> Unfortunately, when I reboot and go to /dev, I see no form of CDROM device
> that I can mount. The installation mentions a sbpcd device and the 
> /var/devices list mentions a sbpcd device but no form of this device
> exists in the /dev directory.  Have I missed a step or did the
> installation actually fail?

The easy way is to use the MAKEDEV script. cd to /dev, and execute the
command "./MAKEDEV sbpcd". man MAKEDEV for more info.

Sometimes, MAKEDEV may not know how to make a particular device. In that
case, you can check the Documentation/devices.txt file in the kernel
  25 char [[...snip, unimportant...]]
     block       First Matsushita (Panasonic/SoundBlaster) CD-ROM
                 0 = /dev/sbpcd0       Panasonic CD-ROM controller 0 unit 0
		 1 = /dev/sbpcd1       Panasonic CD-ROM controller 0 unit 1
	         2 = /dev/sbpcd2       Panasonic CD-ROM controller 0 unit 2
	         3 = /dev/sbpcd3       Panasonic CD-ROM controller 0 unit 3

This indicates that the proper device will have major number 25 and
minor number 0 (assuming the cdrom is unit 0 on controller 0). man
mknod for more info.

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