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Re: Why

"Brigette Heffner" <brigette@mail.com> wrote:

> Just tell me what to do...or should I buy windows 98 and forget it?  
> The laptop has no operating system...now.

Well, you posted this Friday afternoon and got thirteen replies (including
braindead recommendations such as "get Corel"), none of which you appear to
have responded to, at least on this list. So I would venture the answer is:
"buy windows 98."

And just between you and I, that was the answer all along, yes? 

Bob Bernstein                http://members.home.net/ruptured-duck
Esmond, R.I., USA                 ruptured-duck@home.com

"RMS's "curmudgeon-like" griping that he didn't like the term "Open
Source" looked silly to many last year; it's not looking so dumb
today..." Christopher B. Browne

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