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Re: xxx.tar.gz on Windows.

marcus >Yes, that's it. It is a problem when offering files for multiple
marcus >platforms. 

I think it is more of a problem with windows.  The file system supports it
but the OS does not.  I encounter similar problems using NT boxes to file
serve to macs, mac users save using filenames that are perfectly legal on
macs, the NTFS file system accepts it, and yet no windows users can open
it and sometimes you cant even access them at the console of the nt box! u
gotta go back to a mac and rename it. I'd expect for such a hot shit
operating system it would know the file name is not valid and either
rename it automatically (the mac does this when you try to name something
with a ":") or not allow the file to be saved at all.  not that im a mac
fan, i hate those things too, but if they can do it..NT should too. Maybe
win2k will have this feature. i wont hold my breath.*cough*

marcus >Alternatively, you can run Winzip straight on the xxx_tar.gz file. It
marcus >will open it in two stages, prompting you to expand the archive while
marcus >showing the file name in an "open folder" window. at that point just
marcus >replace the "_" with "." and press enter.

i think u can rename it to .tgz too and it will work ..been a while since
i used winzip on a tar/gz file


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