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Re: xxx.tar.gz on Windows.

On 02.12.99 at 14:14 Nitebirdz wrote:
>	As far as I remember, this is the problem:  when you download any
>tar.gz file in Windows, it will be automatically renamed
>All they need to do is to rename the file to whatever.tar.gz before
>running Winzip on it.  That works fine for me.

Yes, that's it. It is a problem when offering files for multiple

Unfortunately I don't know of any freeware for windows that will read
tar.gz. HJ-Zip is freeware. I'll ask the developer if he's adding
xxx.tar.gz support sometime.

Alternatively, you can run Winzip straight on the xxx_tar.gz file. It
will open it in two stages, prompting you to expand the archive while
showing the file name in an "open folder" window. at that point just
replace the "_" with "." and press enter.

(A pretty silly OS that doesn't have compression tools included as a
standard...but anyway...).

Marcus Friedlaender


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