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Re: Supported video chip-sets

*- On  3 Dec, Egbert Bouwman wrote about "Supported video chip-sets"
> Hello,
> I am going to buy a new computer, but which video adapter/chip-set ?
> Many powerful new computers come with things like
> Matrox G400 or NVidia Riva TNT2.
> I am still using Slink with XFree 3.3.2, where these chips are not
> supported. However they are supported in potatoe with XFree86 3.3.5.
> Does this mean that I _have _ to upgrade in order to use them,
> or  can i use them in Slink without their extra functionality ?
> For upgrading I prefer to wait for a stable potatoe, 
> or at least for potato-cdroms.

A developer has compiled 3.3.5 for slink. See

So you are not forced to upgrade to potato, although it is really quite
stable now.

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