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Re: Fortify-ing ns

try to download the original fortify from www.fortify.net and grab the
latest netscape and install manually, thats how i've done it(till netscape
had 128bit binaries for linux now i get those but i see yer in the
.uk) and have never had a problem.


On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Tony wrote:

uctpja >
uctpja >I've had a really frustrating time trying to upgrade to 128 bit SSL encryption 
uctpja >on Netscape. I do apt-get install fortify, and fortify claims that my netscape 
uctpja >is not one that it supports; I look in the database fortify has, and my NS is 
uctpja >there. I even uninstall my netscape, re-install using netscape4.deb, etc. But 
uctpja >I keep getting the same messages ... Have any of you been around this loop 
uctpja >with fortify - how did you get out of it??
uctpja >
uctpja >Tony
uctpja >
uctpja >
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