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Re: LPRng Printing Problem

On Thu, Dec 02, 1999 at 08:54:19AM -0500, David Wilson wrote:
I recently installed potato and am new to Linux.  I seem unable to print using
LPRng and haven't found any helpful information in HOW-TOs, although I'm sure
the info I need is there somewhere.  When I issue the "lpr file.ps" command,
nothing happens, no errors, no output.  I have two parallel ports (in
Windows they are LPT1 and LPT2).  My printer is connected to the second port
(/dev/lp1?).  My printer is an HP720C (I know ...).  I have install pbm2ppa
and can successfully run the following script to directly send a file to the

I feel your pain.  For the longest time I was in the same boat as you.  You
know what ended up being my problem?  Permissions.  Simply that.  Make sure
that anything LPRng touches or needs to touch belongs to the group 'lp'.  I
went so far as to change everything to 'lp.lp'.

	# chown lp.lp -r /var/spool/lpd
	# chown lp.lp <filters>
	# chown lp.lp pbm2ppa
			^^^\this one eluded me for a while *grin*

If this doesn't work, then roll back to the slink release of LPRng; it fixed
my problems at work after doing a erranous 'apt-get dist-upgrade -y'.  You
can place a hold on the lprng package to ensure that you don't upgrade to
the broken unstable release (maybe it's fixed now) by doing

	# echo lprng hold | dpkg --set-selection

This is all assuming that you've tested your scripts first (your pre-filter
format) successfully.


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