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I have decided to give Sawmill a try, but............

As of right now, I have decided to give Sawmill a try since many people
recommended it. But my Debian Box doesn't have internet access so I can't
download or use apt-get to get sawmill online. So how do I go about doing
this? Can I download the Sawmill package and all its dependant packages on
floopies from my brother's machine(which uses window 98 :(  )and use apt-get
to install those packages from floopies on my Debian box?. I wonder if this
is a good idea because my brother's box is a win98 machine and don't know if
a apt-get would recognize the files(maybe it could, I don't know, I am kinda
new to linux). Help me out one more time here guys...And thanx for all your
recommendations, I appreciate it.


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