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RE: Problems with Asus P2B-DS/350 and double PIII 450

I am pretty sure the Asus uses the standard Adaptec chipset which other have
reported as problematic with Debian.  Here is an excerpt from a previous
post I saved:

I've got an unofficial installation diskset for slink that's setup
specifically for the Adaptec SCSI controllers.  You can snarf it from

Basically you'll need to boot from the diskette, but can then use the
CD as your installation media...

I think this might take care of the problem.  Please post if it does ...


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From: Enrico Zini [mailto:zinie@CS.UniBO.IT]
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Subject: Problems with Asus P2B-DS/350 and double PIII 450


I have a dual Pentium III 450 system with an Asus P2B-DS/350 main board,
in which I removed everything but the floppy drive and the IDE CD-Rom,
master on the second channel.

The standard Debian boot disk hangs probing the Adaptec SCSI card bundled
in the main board; I tried making custom boot kernels with 2.2.13 and
everything hangs asking if I have a color monitor.

I'm trying to build the smallest possible 2.2.13 boot kernel for that
server, but I have no idea what could be the cause.

Is there some boot problem HOWTO or some other source of information about
problems booting linux or hardware problems with Linux in general? Windows
NT boots, installs and seems to work fine.

Is there some known problem with Linux and this Asus mainboard, or with
double Pentium III?

TIA, Enrico

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