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Kernel Version

Hello again from the kernel virgin man;

	I was wondering what the hell to install from all of this. I suppose
that the docs would be the most important thing for me. But, do I need
all of these ?

kernel-doc-2.1.125 2.1.125-1   (675.6k) 
      Linux kernel specific documentation.

kernel-source-2.1.125 2.1.125-1   (12044.4k) 
      Linux kernel source.

kernel-source-2.2.1 2.2.1-1   (12915.9k) 
      Linux kernel source.

kernel-package 6.05   (120.2k) 
      Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.

	In any case I have downloaded them. My goal is to install kernel
2.1.125-1, thats all :)



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