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Re: Right List? First install.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

Further on down you're wondering if this is the correct mailing list for
your questions; this is, in fact, the best place for you to answer your

> Hello all:
> I'm installing Debian 2.1.something on a P60 using floppies (against
> all the warnings in the installation manual
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/install.  I've gotten
> through the hard drive boot and am in, what I believe to be
> "deselect".  I'm being asked for the "Main Packages".

You're in for what is easily a week-long project, due to the sheer number
number of packages to install, as well as little things like floppies
going bad and what not.

> I've gone to
> ftp://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/dists/stable/main/binary-i386/Packages
> because I can't connect to the US site and downloaded Packages.gz &
> Packages.deb, but dot.deb is 1.6mb and my floppy is 1.44. The FAQ
> refers me to the "tools" directory for dpkg-split (which doesn't
> exist) with a description that says it'll only run on Linux systems.
> How can I make the Main Package fit on a floppy...

That's a really good question - I've either installed straight off the CD,
or over the network (if the thing doesn't have a CD drive, my recommended
way of doing things).

> "Why is he trying to load it from a floppy?", you may ask. Because on
> the initial install, I couldn't get it to see my NE2000 compatible
> cheap clone card - the subject of my next submission if this is the
> correct list to be asking such newbie-plebe questions.

Like I said before - this is the perfect forum for your NE2000
installation problem.  What was the specific error message it gave
you when trying to load the driver?  There are some things about the card
you need to know in order to get it to work:

 * PCI or ISA?
 * Which driver (PCI cards and ISA cards use different drivers)
 * If it's an ISA card, what are the jumper settings? (ie IRQ? IO port?)
 * If it's a PCI card, all you need to do is specify the ne2k-pci driver,
   and, through the wonders of Plug-n-Pray, the IO port and IRQ settings
   will be autodetected.
 * If it's an ISA-PnP card, you're in for quite an adventure :) you may 
   need help getting a custom boot-disk going so that a program called
   isapnp can configure the card before loading the driver for the card.

Phil Brutsche					pbrutsch@creighton.edu

"There are two things that are infinite; Human stupidity and the
universe. And I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

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