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Right List? First install.

Hello all:

I'm installing Debian 2.1.something on a P60 using floppies (against all the

warnings in the installation manual
<http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/install>  ). 
I've gotten through the hard drive boot and am in, what I believe to be
I'm being asked for the "Main Packages".

I've gone to
because I can't connect to the US site and downloaded Packages.gz &
but dot.deb is 1.6mb and my floppy is 1.44. The FAQ refers me to the "tools"

directory for dpkg-split (which doesn't exist) with a description that says
it'll only
run on Linux systems. How can I make the Main Package fit on a floppy...

"Why is he trying to load it from a floppy?", you may ask. Because on the
initial install,
I couldn't get it to see my NE2000 compatible cheap clone card - the subject
of my
next submission if this is the correct list to be asking such newbie-plebe

Thanks much.

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