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Re: Running X-Displays of win9x

Do you have a URL? I personally think that this would be a good GPL project
as this is a great way to get users used to comfortable with running X
Window applications in an environment that they are used to. Then once they
are finding all the functionality they need with X Window application, it
would be easy to get them to migrate completely to Linux.
Plus, isn't the GNU mantra that software should be free? :)

Charles Lewis, Director of Administrative Computing
Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, TX
(817)556-4720  lewisc@swau.edu  FAX (360)397-7952

> There are several X servers available for Windows, but if you're
> working on the cheap, search for MIX (or MiX, or something
> similar = "MicroImages X"); it's a freebie that's half-decent. If
> you want full-decent, you'll probably have to shell out a few
> bucks.

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