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Re: installation and such

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Mock Ko wrote:

> This is now my 6th attempt at installing debian.  I
> have so far not made it past the dselect phase even
> once.
> All I want to do is install a base system with tcp-ip
> and ipx networking, dhcpcd, X, and a basic window
> manager, so that I can go and get the latest kde, run
> some kind of GUI package manager, and then install any
> other things as I need them.
> I have no need for sendmail, ftpd, httpd, emacs, tex,
> and just about 98% of the other stuff that seems to
> get installed anytime you select anything besides the
> base install.
> Is there any way I can do this with Debian, or should
> I be seeking a different distribution?

Sure there must be, if your hardware insn't too strange. 
If you'll manage to get the base system installed... 

Start dselect and the correct 
(A)ccess method for you.


In the select phase select first 
Xservers (, check which one you'll need according to your hardware)
and a basic windowmanager such as wmaker. That selection will force you to
install some other packages... Just pick the ones, which you will really
need and then take the ones, which are needed because of dependencies...


Try to get X working. 
But: Try to get network working first!


If you managed to get your network working apt method should be the
correct one for you for installing.

You can get kde this way: 

Add deb http://kde.tdyc.com slink kde contrib rkrusty  

to your



There isn't any very handy GUI package manager available for debian (?),
but dselect is really handy non-GUI one. 
Even I've managed to kde working in this system. I'm never using it
anyway, bewcause it is eating so much memory... 


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