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RE: xserver-3dlabs - libc6 (slink vs. potatoe)?

Have you tried the X packages from <http://www.netgod.net/x/>?  If I
remember correctly, they're compiled specifically for slink...

If that doesn't help, you should be able to snarf the precompiled
server directly from the XFree86 site, and use it with the slink version of
X (I've had to do that in the past, and I have the same video card that you
do).  They should co-exist without causing any trouble.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Serge Rey [mailto:rey@typhoon.sdsu.edu]
> Sent: 03 November, 1999 5:44 AM
> To: Greg_Norris@mail.dor.state.mo.us
> Subject: xserver-3dlabs - libc6 (slink vs. potatoe)?
> I'm trying to get x configured and I have a Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro
> card. This requires xserver-3dlabs_3_3_5-1.deb, but when I downloaded
> and tried to install that package, it was not configured due to
> dependencies on more recent versions of libc6 and xserver 
> common. These
> new versions of libc6 and xserver common appear to be only 
> available in
> potatoe, while my base installation is in slink. I'd like 
> advice on the
> following questions:
> 1) If I install the newer versions of libc6 and xserver common, will
> this allow for the installation of the 3dlabs package?
> 2) Is it not a great idea to update the libc6 package, without
> installing the rest of potatoe?
> 3) If this is a bad idea, is there an alternative way for me to get x
> configured for this card?
> Thanks in advance,
> Serge
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