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Re: Does anyone use ZIP disks to backup/restore their system? How?

On 02 Nov 1999, John Miskinis wrote:
> Hi,
>     I do not understand everything in the MSPLIT description, but
> I am certainly willing to play around with it.  I'm surprised at
> the few responses I got about my question.  I assumed lots of people
> would be using ZIP disks for a backups/restores.
>     This leads me to ask if most people just backup their important
> files on linux, and if they lose their system, they reinstall from
> scratch, then restore just their important (user modified) files?
>     This is how I always worked on Windows 95.  If I had a builtin
> CDROM, and linux was easier to install I might opt for this, but
> on my Thinkpad 560, it took me 4-5 hours to get everything back.
>     I still don't understand why I trashed my hard disk areas outside
> of the /dev/hda5 partition, when trying to use cpio directly to try
> to restore from the KBackup-Arc.arc files on my ZIP disks, that
> multibuf and afio had problems with.

I do the above. I have an Iomega Zip; I backup my /home/ac and /etc
(should probably do /usr/local as well). If I had to reinstall I would
do it from the CD.


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