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RE: Does anyone use ZIP disks to backup/restore their system? How?

Yet another recommendation for backing up system configuration only.  I
guess we should be keeping root log files which we use to describe when and
what we changed.  That way, when we break something, it is easier to
backtrack.  Use this to tell changed files in the OS and back those up only.
Another way I use is to copy a file to .org whenever I modify it for the
first time.  I.e. exim.conf would copy to exim.conf.org.  Then use locate
and find all of the .org files.  These files are not real useful in
themselves.  Instead back up the corresponding non-.org file (I.e.

I just copy the files to a user home directory and FTP them to another
machine for backup.  This is a potential security issue due to the ease of
FTP access, but on my isolated network it's no problem.  If it is an issue,
you could tar, compress and encrypt if it is worth the trouble.

This must be done manually, but only needs to be done when you change the


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On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 06:29:45PM -0800, John Miskinis wrote:
> Hi,


>     This leads me to ask if most people just backup their important
> files on linux, and if they lose their system, they reinstall from
> scratch, then restore just their important (user modified) files?

Not even that.  I only safeguard my own products (TeX files, fractals,
programs).  The rest I have on CD, and the second time I install
something I usually configure things faster.  Sometimes it is nice to
try some new settings.

>     This is how I always worked on Windows 95.  If I had a builtin
> CDROM, and linux was easier to install I might opt for this, but
> on my Thinkpad 560, it took me 4-5 hours to get everything back.

It probably would take me the same amount of time.  But then again, it
doesn't happen a lot.


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