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Re: Gpm in notebook (psaux)

after you made the changes did you reload gpm ?  

try this:

gpm -k

gpm -m /dev/psaux -t imps2

does the mouse work ? you may have the right port, but are using the wrong
protocol(or in gpm.conf the wrong type)


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On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, Ribamar FS wrote:

> Hello!
> I installed Debian 2.1 in a notebook (P120, Fujitsu) and he left the
> mouse in ttyS0 (here it is in psaux). I edit /etc/gpm.conf and I change
> for psaux, but I continue without could use the mouse in it console.   
> In the XF86Setup the mouse does already work well, but should where
> configure to use the gpm in it console him?
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