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Looking for monitor sync settings

Sorry to keep posting on this subject. I have tried about 35 different
combinations in xf86config, but I still cannot find what the monitor needs.
Every time I run xf86config and then do startx I get a screen with screwed,
flickering and unreadable characters. My monitor is a Micron m14fg 

During xf86config it says that I may find info on my monitor by reading
/usr/doc/xserver-common/monitors.gz I do not know how to look at this file. 

I have run many searches on the internet including all over Micron's site
but can find no info on this monitor. Also, Micron's tech department has
not e-mailed me back. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Do I want or need x on my computer? I am interested in running spreadsheet
and database programs like star office or similar.

Thank you for any help you may be able to give.


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