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Re: netscape 4.7 and download

On 20 Oct, Brant Wells wrote:
> Jean Yves BARBIER wrote
>> > I wonder if somebody has found how to recover files downloaded
>> > (these files which are printed to the screen while dowload them)
> Just a quick hint for downloading files... If you click on a link to 
> download a file, and the screen fills up with garbage (ie when I download a 
> .deb file), hit the Back button, and Right Click on the link and choose save 
> link as.  While I'm running Linux, I have just made it a habbit to right 
> click on the files that I want to download...

Shift click is another way to make Netscape download to file...

Also, try editing the preferences (Edit -> Preferences -> Navigator ->
Applications) as netscape sometimes comes configured to try to display
file types it shouldn't...

For instance, if Netscape insists on displaying .tar files instead of
offering the Save As popup: select the line with Unix Tape Archive,
click Edit and change the Handled by to Save To Disk

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