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Re: small dselect question AND X Window problem


   You might not realize yet that CASE matters on Linux/Unix..


   I think it can be in a couple other places, and in fact I
   got "hosed" this way a few times, as I had files in two places
   and couldn't figure out why the changes I made were not being

   I think the "apt-get" install mechanism only works over the net,
   which I can't use.  I get the impression from your previous
   posts that you use a different computer to get to the internet.
   (I use the same computer, different OS!)

   If I want to install just one (or even more) packages from the
   CD I run "dselect".  After satisfying the questions about ACCESS
   and UPDATE, I choose (the next default) SELECT.  I immediately
   hit spacebar and return, to get to the main list.  Then a "v"
   to get into verbose mode.  Then an uppercase) "I", to get
   the whole "screen".  I then navigate
   down to the package(s) I want with the down arrow.  I use a "+"
   which selects the file for installation (if it isn't already).
   Assuming no dependency problems, after you have selected the
   package(s) you want, hit return.  The next steps are INSTALL,
   then CONFIGURE, then REMOVE (won't do anything unless you used
   "-" to ask for packahes to be removed), then QUIT.  It will walk
   you through these last steps by default.

Good Luck,


From: jh <thedoghouse@sunvalley.net>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: small dselect question
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 22:46:02 -0600

Hi. If I just want to install 1 program from dselect, would I want to go
through and put an = sign by the programs that are currently installed so
it doesn't have to go through all the files when installing? I hope this
question makes sense.



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