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Re: Can Debian, Novell, Token Ring and DHCP all get along?

David Kanter (KANTERD@bcbsil.com) wrote:

> I'd like to use Debian (Slink) on my work computer because of the free tools I'll need to do some Web page designing. Currently we use Windows NT and are hooked up through a token-ring network using DHCP and Novell's Netware/GroupWise.

> The basic question is: Will I be able to hook my Slink box up to the company's network and have access to the T1 Internet line and networked printers?

> IBM Auto 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter

Good -- you have an IBM token ring card.  The Linux kernel has some
support for IBM token ring cards, so you may be able to get it to work.
(I was stuck with a Madge ISA token ring card for a while, and there's
*no* support for Madge non-PCI tr cards....)

The next issue will be Netware.  If you're really lucky, your company
will be using Netware 3, or Netware 4 with the bindery emulation option
turned on.  Or if you're really unlucky, your company will be using
Netware 4 with no bindery emulation (which you will NOT be able to use,
unless you can somehow get the shitty Caldera Netware client to work,
which I never managed to do no matter how hard I tried).

But if it's Netware 3 or Netware 4 + bindery, use the ncpfs utilities
(slist, pqlist, ncpmount, nprint(?), etc.), and good luck.

On the other hand, if all you want from Netware is access to the printers,
and not access to shared file systems, then you may be able to bypass
Netware altogether, and use BSD remote printing to talk to the printers
directly.  But this will only work if the printers have IP addresses...
which may not be the case (depending on how Netware-centric your printer
administrators are).

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