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Can Debian, Novell, Token Ring and DHCP all get along?

        "David Kanter" <KANTERD@bcbsil.com>

I'd like to use Debian (Slink) on my work computer
because of the free
tools I'll need to do some Web page designing.
Currently we use Windows
NT and are hooked up through a token-ring network
using DHCP and
Novell's Netware/GroupWise.

The basic question is: Will I be able to hook my Slink
box up to the
company's network and have access to the T1 Internet
line and networked

I just installed Slink with these modules enabled:
ncpfs, vfat, ipx,
lp, psaux, bsd_comp, ibmtr (with io=0xa20, irq=0), ppp
and slhc.

During setup I left the netowrk connection broken: I
left the hostname
as debian and didn't configure exim.

Looking at the NT IP Config program, this is the
information I know.
Could someone help me out to get dhcp working with
this box? (I have
read the dhcp and ipx HOWTOs)

Hostname: (machine ID).chi.bcbsil.com (I'm not sure if
I should give
this out)
DNS server:
IBM Auto 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter
Subnet mask:
Default gateway
DHCP server:

There is not information (i.e., blank) for:

Primary WINS server and Secondary WINS server.

When I log in each morning, I must provide my username
and password, in
a Netware login box, in order to hook up to the
network. When would I
provide this info for Slink?

If anyone needs more info, I'll provide it. Any help
would be greatly
appreciated; I've tried doing this with Red Hat
before, but I couldn't
figure it out.


Disclaimer: The views here are not necessarily those
of this company.
Actually, they're probably not.
The NT network stuff is slightly broken from linux's
point of view.  I got the network to assign an ip
address for my linux box by installing dhcp, but the
linux box is denied acess to dns.  In other words it
dosn't know it's own address, and other computers on
the net can't look it up by host name either!  (You
can find out the address assigned by the ifconfig
command output).  I guess one could write a
bash/sed/perl script to issue the ifconfig and grab
the ip address and stuff it into the /etc/hosts file
so the machine would know it's own address.

Our network firewall uses MS proxy to provide access
to the internet.  Unless your linux box can run this
service it won't get past the firewall (is there an
open source / linux version of ms proxy that will play
on such networks?).

By using samba I can mount the linux shares on the nt
network and even have the nt machines print to the
linux box.  I havn't figured out why I can't go the
other way.  The smbhost program will let me send a
popup message to the windows machines but that is as
far as I've gotten with it.  The problem may be in
nt's use of encripted passwords.

Pehaps a Samba guru might fill in the blanks here.

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