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Re: MTAs and dialup connected machines

Oskar Liljeblad (osk@hem.passagen.se) wrote:

> When I send email through the local MTA, Exim 3.03,
> a Return-path: <usel@hem.passagen.se> is added.
> This should really be <osk@hem.passagen.se> (that's
> my public email address), but it's "usel" because that's
> my local username.

> So how do I solve it?

Tell your MUA to tell your MTA to set the envelope sender to whatever
you need it to be.

I don't know exim, but if it's the same as sendmail, you want to make
sure the sendmail-emulation-wrapper is invoked with '-f osk@hem.passagen.se'.

E.g., with mutt you'd want something like this in ~/.muttrc:

  set sendmail='/usr/sbin/sendmail -oem -oi -f osk@hem.passagen.se'

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