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Re: linux kernel compile

Vincent & Sylvia Gaines wrote:

> First I would just like to thank the people behind the Debian
> distribution.
> I work with software and have been very impressed with the way they have
> organized their system distribution updates. to me ( still a "newbie")
> dselect is a vital tool worth it's weight in gold!
> 1.)  I installed Debian GNU/ Linux 2.1  using floppy images downloaded
> from
> the internet.
>      - My system is Dual pentium 200 Mhz, 3Com 3C905, NE2000 ( linksys-
> isa), Diamond Firport HP C310 SCSI-2 , with 96 Meg ram, Acer CD-ROM
>      - Install worked great and when I boot up I get eth0 (3Com) and
> eth1
> (ne2000), all modules loaded perfectly no erroneous messages on boot
>      - However no SMP support and driver for the 3Com card does not work
> correct (messages in /var/log/syslog problems with irq)
>      - DHCPD client daemon started ( I want to use a cable modem) no
> inet
> address from ifconfig -a for eth1.
> 2.) I recompile my kernel using "make-kpkg" and kernel-source-2.0.36
>      - make menuconfig
>      - make dep
>      - make-kpkg clean
>      - make-kpkg --revision=smp700 kernel-image
>      - make-kpkg --revision=smp700 modules-image
>      - cd..
>      - dpkg --install kernel-source-2.0.36_smp700_i386.deb
>      - here I have to mv /lib/modules/2.0.36 to /lib/modules/2.0.36.old
>      - then I get prompted to make a boot floppy since I cannot boot
> from
> my scsi (bios does not see it) I attempt it
>      - use your current /etc/lilo.conf? I say yes
>      - error testing lilo.conf........etc
>      - re execute dpkg --install kernel-source-2.0.36_smp700_i386.deb
>      - create boot floppy and new lilo.conf
> 3.) When I reboot I lose my eth1 (NE2000) and get multiple messages such
> as
> cannot find module ne.............etc
>      - SMP works great, no eth1, eth0 works just fine( 3C905), dhcpcd
> has
> problems great (no interface..attached to eth1)
>      - If i try to boot off an old floppy (not created by compile) I
> still
> get the same messages but with no SMP support.
> I believe something about the way I compiled my kernel is causing me
> problems. However I selected "Loaded modules support" and the drivers
> required for both ethernet cards. i.e. 3c59x and ne.
> What can I do to get both ethernet cards working and all modules loaded
> at
> boot time and still keep my SMP support?
> and help is greatly appreciated.Thank You!
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I know there are some problems with SMP, if you are using SMP I would suggest
upgrading to a 2.2.x kernel (latest is 2.2.13, out today).

You're doing some things with the kernel build that you do not need to do.

Process for building a kernel in Debian -

In /usr/src/linux

1. make menuconfig

*****be sure to read the kernel docs for all the hardware you have to make sure you
have everything you need selected in the kernel.  Is your network card ISA or PCI?
If it is PCI, compile the driver straight into the kernel - not as a module.  If it's
ISA, it will have to be a module.

2. make-kpkg clean

3. make-kpkg --revision=smp700 kernel_image

***modules are put in the deb image, there is no need for a make-kpkg modules_image

4. cd ..

5. dpkg -i kernel-image-2.x.x_smp700_i386.deb

If you use a newer, 2.2.x kernel, you will not have to mv /lib/modules/2.0.36 to

Reboot your machine, re-run modconf to select the modules you want to load, then
reboot again to verify all is well.

Mail me back if you need any more help...


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