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where is my memory going?

I recently switched to potato.  I run accelerated X, netsacpe
communicator 4.7, gnumicu, gaim, a few xterms, gnome midnight commander,
gnome panel, and 1 or 2 other misc apps.   Tahtis my usual load.  And It
does just fine with 128mb or ram, and a pII400.  However, when I go to
bed, I lock my screen, and when I wake up, my swap is full(I have 300mb
or swap) and my physical memory is full, or nearly full.  What is eating
all this memory up?  ps aux shows X takling up about 60meg, and netscape
taking about 20, but there is still 40 some unaccounted for, not to
mention all the swap.  The system is crawling so badly at that point
that I kill X and reload everything, then its fine.    Anyone have an
similar problems?  this seems like a significant bug someplace.

-Aaron Solochek

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