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Re: where is my memory going?

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Aaron Solochek wrote:

> I recently switched to potato.  I run accelerated X, netsacpe
> communicator 4.7, gnumicu, gaim, a few xterms, gnome midnight commander,
> gnome panel, and 1 or 2 other misc apps.   Tahtis my usual load.  And It
> does just fine with 128mb or ram, and a pII400.  However, when I go to
> bed, I lock my screen, and when I wake up, my swap is full(I have 300mb
> or swap) and my physical memory is full, or nearly full.  What is eating
> all this memory up?  ps aux shows X takling up about 60meg, and netscape
> taking about 20, but there is still 40 some unaccounted for, not to
> mention all the swap.  The system is crawling so badly at that point
> that I kill X and reload everything, then its fine.    Anyone have an
> similar problems?  this seems like a significant bug someplace.

Ever tried gmemusage to see where the mem is gone?


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