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RE: writting a Daemon in c

> I am writting a Daemon in c, I need to know how to disconnect the program
> from the terminal so that if that terminal is destoyed it will not cause
> my server to shutdown. I have done this with perl scripts, but can't not
> figure it out with c. Thanks in advance
> Evan.
There is a very good reference to this in "Unix Network
Programming Vol 1" by W. Richard Stevens.  Basically:
   fork - parent exit
   setsid - become session leader
   signal - turn off SIGHUP
   fork - parent exit (so this process is not a session leader)
   umask - reset umask if you need to
   close - flush and close all file descriptors

Then you open any files you need to, etc...  There may
be a few more things you might want to reset (like a
bunch of signal handlers, etc.).


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