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Re: MD5/bigcrypt passwords with potato

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 08:32:27PM -0600, Dwayne C . Litzenberger wrote:
> I did this on RedHat months ago, and how do I do it in potato?  I want
> passwords longer than 8 chars, whether it be MD5 or bigcrypt or whatever,
> I don't care how (although I'd like to be able to preserve other people's
> old passwords, if it's easy enough), but I miss this functionality in
> RedHat, and I suspect it's possible with Debian. 

Edit /etc/pam.d/passwd. Read the comment about md5 (bigcrypt is also possible),
and then also edit /etc/login.defs to set the max password length. Old passwd
hashes will still be usable, the change will take affect the next time they
change their passwords (you can force this by expiring their passwords using


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