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Re: MD5/bigcrypt passwords with potato

"Dwayne C . Litzenberger" <dlitz@cheerful.com> wrote:

I did this on RedHat months ago, and how do I do it in potato?  I want
passwords longer than 8 chars, whether it be MD5 or bigcrypt or whatever,
I don't care how (although I'd like to be able to preserve other people's
old passwords, if it's easy enough), but I miss this functionality in
RedHat, and I suspect it's possible with Debian.

if you are running potato (which you say you are) you just need to modify the appropriate /etc/pam.d/ files anything like

password ....  pam_unix.so

add md5 to the end of pam_unix.so the files you should have to change off hand are passwd, su, login, and possibly some others depending on what you have installed.

if you are not running potato then you need to edit /etc/login.defs you will (should) find a line for enabling md5, after these changes all you need to do is run passwd and your new password will be in md5 format.

now I do have one question about this too, in /etc/login.defs there is a line for defining the maximum number of significant characters in a password, it is set to 8 which you would need to change, my question is 1) is this option relevant on potato with PAM? and 2) what is the maximum number of characters a md5 password may contain?


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