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Error installing 3COM driver


I am attempting to install Debian 2.1. My NIC is a 3COM EtherLink III 3C509B ISA card. In the driver configuration part of the installation process I choose the 3c509 driver and attempt to enter the command line "io=0x300 irq=10" which is suggested by the installation program, and which I know to be correct for my card. The driver /lib/modules/2.0.36/net/3c509.o reports the error "symbol for parameter io not found".

This appears to be a fault in the driver module. I downloaded drv1440.bin, resc1440.bin and base2_1.tgz from Debian's site on Friday (99.10.15). Installing the driver with no command line succeeds, but results in a non-functioning NIC. Is there a fix, or can anyone suggest a workaround?



// Evan Burkitt
// evan@geburkitt.com               http://www.geburkitt.com/

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