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Re: Error installing 3COM driver

hi evan

i doon't think this 3c509B problem is unique to debian... 

if I cannot get the box to recognize ( ping the outside world ) in
a couple minutes of installing and booting with the 3C509B...
i usually just stick in a tulip-based NIC and am up and about...
( some distro works...most don't for the  6+ diff distros, rh, suse, slack, cald, pht, etc.. )

my guess is there is some differences init that some  3C509B works
and others don't ???   if it don't work, than you need to get onto the net
and get the new 3com drivers....but you can't get on the net unless
you have either ppp or other mchines or other sources..

( main url is displayed on your bootup screen )

have fun

> I am attempting to install Debian 2.1. My NIC is a 3COM EtherLink III 
> 3C509B ISA card. In the driver configuration part of the installation 
> process I choose the 3c509 driver and attempt to enter the command line 
> "io=0x300 irq=10" which is suggested by the installation program, and which 
> I know to be correct for my card. The driver 
> /lib/modules/2.0.36/net/3c509.o reports the error "symbol for parameter io 
> not found".
> This appears to be a fault in the driver module. I downloaded drv1440.bin, 
> resc1440.bin and base2_1.tgz from Debian's site on Friday (99.10.15). 
> Installing the driver with no command line succeeds, but results in a 
> non-functioning NIC. Is there a fix, or can anyone suggest a workaround?
> Thanks,
> -eb-

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