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Re: Error installing 3COM driver

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Evan Burkitt wrote:

> All:
> I am attempting to install Debian 2.1. My NIC is a 3COM EtherLink III 
> 3C509B ISA card. In the driver configuration part of the installation 
> process I choose the 3c509 driver and attempt to enter the command line 
> "io=0x300 irq=10" which is suggested by the installation program, and which 
> I know to be correct for my card. The driver 
> /lib/modules/2.0.36/net/3c509.o reports the error "symbol for parameter io 
> not found".
> This appears to be a fault in the driver module. I downloaded drv1440.bin, 
> resc1440.bin and base2_1.tgz from Debian's site on Friday (99.10.15). 
> Installing the driver with no command line succeeds, but results in a 
> non-functioning NIC. Is there a fix, or can anyone suggest a workaround?

I've got some machines with an ISA 3c509B that I've got working. You
shouldn't need to specify any parameters for the driver at all. The only
time you need to do that in my experience is if you have multiple Ethernet
cards or the card is set up using an io/irq range that is not detected by
the driver. 

What I've done with my 3c509's is to use the 3Com configuration utility
(in MSDOS) and turn off Plug and Play and set specific a IO/IRQ. Settings
of io=0x300 and irq=10 are good ones that the driver should have no
trouble with. Now install Debian and when installing the 3c509 driver
don't provide any parameters at all, it doesn't need it. It should tell
you that the driver was installed OK.

If you are dual booting WinXX you want it to be able to use the card also.
You should turn off Plug and Play from the IRQ you have set the Ethernet
card to, if you're BIOS lets you do that. If your BIOS doesn't allow that,
then you can go in to the system->devices settings under the WinXX control
panel and set an IRQ/IO I believe. 

In any case, these cards work well and should be easy to configure. Hope
this helps.

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