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Re: Mutt and From: line in mail

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 11:32:18PM -0700, Wade Curry was heard to state:
> export QMAILINJECT=f
> The f is the problem.  Get rid of it.  Look at qmail-inject
> and qmail-headers for a detailed explanation of what f
> and the other switches do.  The values in the first 2 variables
> are what is used to rewrite the From: line -- when necessary.
> 2 hitches... 1. you can't put your real name in there.  
> 2. The f forces qmail-inject to overwrite the From: line regardless.


Yes, this was the problem! I too had it in one of my bash startup files,
I removed it, reset the QMAILINJECT environment variable, and tested it
again, and it now again uses the correct From: line.

The reason that I had set this in the first place was that I had been
sending some email to a mate of mine and the mails were being rejected
because of the Return-Path header line -- the hostname in it (my own
hostname appended to my ISPs hostname) didn't exist.

Fortunately, it seems that having QMAILUSER and QMAILHOST defined is
enough to set the Return-Path line, without having QMAILINJECT as f.

Glad to have that one finally sorted out!



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