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Re: slink and potato

On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Dave Baker wrote:

> On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, Todd Suess wrote:
> > I was brave, I just did apt-get dist-upgrade and waiting about 10 hours
> > for it to download everything and upgrade.  Have had very little trouble
> > with it.
> > 
> > -Todd
> > 
> > ps. for this to work, you of course have to have apt installed and
> > a entry in sources.list pointing to an unstable archive.
> > 
> Having just spent some of the weekend fighting with this, I wonder if I
> can throw out a few Qs.
> 1) did you have gnome installed?  I had to uninstall practically all of
> gnome by hand before apt-get would continue due to dependencies.

Nope, I did not have gnome installed.

> 2) did you have emacs installed?  same deal as above.  Also some conflicts
> with bind and dnsutils stepping on each other during the upgrade (had to
> uninstall manually, then reinstall after it was done).  

Yes, emacs was installed, didn't really have any problems with it tho.
> 3) when you add unstable sources in sources.list, do you first remove the
> stable ones?  I wonder if this could have caused some of my probs.

No, my sources.list still has stable and unstable entries, mainly because
I was too lazy to remove them, but once I upgraded since it goes by
version numbers everything I install now comes from unstable, so I guess
I could take the stable portions out, doesn't really matter.

> 4) at what point does your kernel get upgraded to 2.2.x (or 2.3.x)?  Mine
> is sitting at 2.0.36 still and I'm in the process of using kernel-package
> to go to 2.2.12 - I had expected this to be done through the dist-upgrade
> but it didn't ...

I recompiled my kernel right from 2.0.36 to 2.2.12-3, but I did it after
my system was almost completely potato.  No problems compiling, and I have
compiles several more times since with no trouble.

> 5) I had to restart the apt-get dist-upgrade five or six times (or more)
> because it kept being killed by packages that didn't install correctly.

Interesting, I didn't have a problem with this, but if I did have a
package that didn't want to install correctly (such as dependancy
overwrite problems, etc) I just made a note of it and used dpkg -i --force
overwrite on those.

> My debian install was a fairly fresh 2.1r2 with gnome and kde updates
> through apt.  Since I had a pretty awful time fighting through it, perhaps
> it can be of use to help the old stable -> new stable upgrade process go
> smoother for everyone else ...
> -dave
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