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Re: slink and potato

On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, Todd Suess wrote:

> I was brave, I just did apt-get dist-upgrade and waiting about 10 hours
> for it to download everything and upgrade.  Have had very little trouble
> with it.
> -Todd
> ps. for this to work, you of course have to have apt installed and
> a entry in sources.list pointing to an unstable archive.

Having just spent some of the weekend fighting with this, I wonder if I
can throw out a few Qs.

1) did you have gnome installed?  I had to uninstall practically all of
gnome by hand before apt-get would continue due to dependencies.

2) did you have emacs installed?  same deal as above.  Also some conflicts
with bind and dnsutils stepping on each other during the upgrade (had to
uninstall manually, then reinstall after it was done).  

3) when you add unstable sources in sources.list, do you first remove the
stable ones?  I wonder if this could have caused some of my probs.

4) at what point does your kernel get upgraded to 2.2.x (or 2.3.x)?  Mine
is sitting at 2.0.36 still and I'm in the process of using kernel-package
to go to 2.2.12 - I had expected this to be done through the dist-upgrade
but it didn't ...

5) I had to restart the apt-get dist-upgrade five or six times (or more)
because it kept being killed by packages that didn't install correctly.

My debian install was a fairly fresh 2.1r2 with gnome and kde updates
through apt.  Since I had a pretty awful time fighting through it, perhaps
it can be of use to help the old stable -> new stable upgrade process go
smoother for everyone else ...


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