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Re: no pon/wvdial


On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, pplaw wrote:

> pon used to work until i downloaded lots of files from the site and
> then installed wvdial, which seems to start the pppd.  i switch tty's
> and ping the isp.  nothing happens.
> here's /var/log/ppp.log:
>     pppd 2.3.5 started by root, uid 0
>     using interface ppp0
>     cannot determine ethernet address for proxy arp
>     local ip address
>     remote ip address
> 1.  what is wvdial  supposed to do or look like after the pppd
> starts?; (or, what do need to do to connect to my isp?);

I've never extensively used it, but it remains in the foreground for the
duration of the connection. There are others on this list who do use it,
they can certainly tell you more.
> 2.  why would wvdial "disable" pon?;

$ ls -l /usr/bin/pon
- -rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root           45 Oct 11 18:30 /usr/bin/pon

If the above command doesn't give you output similar to that above, you
may want to consider reinstalling the ppp package. i've had both pon and
wvdial installed at the same time, and pon never stopped working for me.

> 3.  is there a log for pon (or does /var/log/ppp.log only apply to
> wvdial)?

/var/log/ppp.log does apply to pon. Although it could be different on
different distros... (a RedHat box i was working on at one point logged it
all to /var/log/messages).

> 4.  in the ppp.log, the remote ip address is foreign to me.  ...never
> heard of it.  my isp ip addy is  so, how do i change
> to

Are you sure? The remote address is the address of the machine you're
connecting to at the ISP, which is not necessarily the same machine they
use for email, web hosting, or anything else. In fact, for most ISPs i'd
be mildly surprised if it were.

>     a. in what file is the "remote ip address" being stored?

No file. It's maintained in a data structure in memory that is normally
erased when the connection goes down. Furthermore, if you did somehow
change this, you would no longer be able to reach the internet, because
you wouldn't be talking to the computer you're supposed to be talking to.

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