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no pon/wvdial


pon used to work until i downloaded lots of files from the site and
then installed wvdial, which seems to start the pppd.  i switch tty's
and ping the isp.  nothing happens.

here's /var/log/ppp.log:

    pppd 2.3.5 started by root, uid 0
    using interface ppp0
    cannot determine ethernet address for proxy arp
    local ip address
    remote ip address

1.  what is wvdial  supposed to do or look like after the pppd
starts?; (or, what do need to do to connect to my isp?);

2.  why would wvdial "disable" pon?;

3.  is there a log for pon (or does /var/log/ppp.log only apply to

4.  in the ppp.log, the remote ip address is foreign to me.  ...never
heard of it.  my isp ip addy is  so, how do i change to

    a. in what file is the "remote ip address" being stored?

ia, t.

bentley taylor.


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