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I am connecting and disconnecting to the net over a modem line. My ISP
gives dynamic IPs.
I want to upload the IP that I get from my ISP to a website so that my
friends can come to know if I am online. I also want to upload the
information that I am going offline when I disconnect.  I have put up
a script that finds the IP allotted by grepping "P-t-P" line in the
ppp0 section of ifconfig output. The script resides in ip-up.d dir and
hence gets executed. The script also ftp's the necessary info as html
file to my website. But when I disconnect I can execute another script
in ip-down.d because I use 'kill `cat /var/run/ppp0.d`' which is not a
proper downing of route ppp0. 

What is the best way to down the ppp link so that my ip-down script
gets executed?

PS: any existing scripts for the above purpose would be helpful too.

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