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Re: apache + cgi


> Perhaps you can set the ulimit manually (don't ask me how to do
> this from C...).

	And make Apache use those values for every son with user www-data
that it breeds? ... too much work. :-/

> This is only read (AFAIK) by /bin/login. It doesn't even work for ssh
> logins (I could be out-of-date now, with the increased usage PAM -
> anyone know for certain?).

	You're not out of date. Both ssh & ssh2 don't use /etc/limits.
Thanks for pointing that out.

	It's a pity that slink doesn't implement PAM. I hope potato does
for all of this stuff..

> Another package you may want to look at is lshell. This will help fix
> the problem with sshd, but I am not sure if it will work for your
> situation.

	I only have one shell available (bash) and only two user bases
(the good ones -ie, two people + me- and the rest of the world)... if [
$USER in /etc/profile is enough for me. Thanks for point the package out

-- p.

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