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Installation problems

Dear Sirs,

    I am experiencing problems installing Debian version 2.1 (Slink) on my
computer.  The first time I tried to install the OS everything went fine I
had no problems at all.  The problems started when I tried to to reload the
OS after I made some mistakes loading Gnome.  I went through the
installation program again and everything went smooth until I had to reboot
with the boot disk.  I received a " CRC error.  I know that this means there
is a media error with the floppy, so I go through the installation 4 more
times with four different floppies with the same error.  The next day I try
the installation again but received a different error, the program wouldn't
allow me to add a user.  The program kept voiding the new user  and asking
for a new user in a endless loop.  This happen 5 more times then back to the
"CRC error. I don't know what to do now !!!!  I know how to load the
software but it won't allow be to complete the installation.  Thank you in
advance for any help you can give me with this problem.

                   Mark N. Wrigley

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